Educate, Elevate, Empower

Mission Statement:
Unifies the adoption community and elevates our diverse voices, by promoting dialogue, understanding, and healing through education, awareness, and connection.

Vision Statement:
We envision a thriving unified adoption community that elevates our diverse voices, establishing a new adoption narrative to shift the paradigm.

we're here for you!

We’ve been there and we know how multifaceted adoption is, whether you're an adoptee, an adoptive parent, or a birth parent. We want to serve as a resource for you to help smooth the road ahead of you. We offer support through:

  • Educational Resources
  • Conferences, Workshops, & Webinars
  • Newsletters
  • Assistance with access to Original Birth Certificates
  • Adoption Competent Therapists
  • Books, Movies, Podcasts, Blogs, and Plays relevant to the community

about us

The National Association of Adoptees and Parents (NAAP) is a 501c3 educational organization that is dedicated to enhancing the lives of adoptees by unifying and elevating the voice of all adoptees regardless of where they are in their adoption journey.  

in a nutshell, we...

  • Suggest resources that assist with DNA testing, DNA matching and results analysis.
  • Recommend resources that give guidance for searching, first contact and reunion.
  • Direct toward educational resources and adoption competent therapists.
  • Host Adoption Happy Hour, an annual conference, webinars, and publish a quarterly newsletter.
  • Partner with other nonprofit organizations on topics such as legislation, adoptee rights, family preservation and addiction. 

Adoption Happy Hour

Join host, Marcie Keithley, on the 1st and 3rd Friday at 7 pm est.  Connect with members of your community from around the world for a virtual educational/social networking event.

We host an international annual spring, multi-day, conference in Indianapolis. Our conference is for adopted persons, first family members, adoptive families, professionals, and anyone wanting to learn more about the lifelong journey of adoption.

Join us as we dive into groundbreaking topics including keynotes by some of the most respected leaders in the global adoption community.

Our Conferences

Be among the first to learn about our upcoming programs and events for adoptees and parents.

the adoptees bill of rights

We have the right to dignity and respect.

We have the right to know we are adopted.

We have the right to possess our original birth certificate.

We have the right to possess all of our adoption records.

We have the right to full knowledge of our origins, ethnic and religious background, our original name and any pertinent medical and social details.

We have the right to up to date medical and social history of our birthparents.

We have the right to personal contacts with each of our birth families, as all other humans.

We have the right to live without guilt toward any set of parents.

We have the right to treat and love both sets of parents as one family.

We have the right and obligation to show our feelings.

We have the right to become whole and complete people.

We have a right and obligation not to violate the dignity of all people involved in the adoption triad and to carry our message to all adopted children who still suffer.